1. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology
It can be applied to produce antibiotics , vaccines, biotechnology products as well as products for diagnostics
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2. Microbes and algae
For retention of bacteria, yeast, enzymes, protozoa and micro algae.
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3. Biological samples and tissue biology.
Freeze dry technology is also be used for keeping skin, cornea, bone, heart valves and biological tissues  for transplantation.

4. Biopsy
The technology can be applied to create the desired tissue followed by observation. Light microscope, electron microscopy or SEM, TEM electron microscopy.
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5. Food
It can be applied to a wide range of processed food products such as tea, coffee,  vegetables, dried fruits, fish sauce, soy sauce, shrimp paste, etc.
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6. High-quality nutritional supplements, such as food, baby food, food for the elderly patients, as well as  animals that need special care.
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7. The extraction of raw materials for supplement products such as turmeric, sesame, royal jelly, bee pollen, cordyceps sinensis.
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8. Extraction of traditional medicine decoction in the form of dry powder.
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9. The application of other aspects such as the retention of key protein enzyme preparation for a test or examination through a microscope, the electron donor.